Sunday, February 22, 2009

bloggin' from the MTC

MTC pics from Elizabeth! Click on each photo for a larger view.

Me and my companion, Sister Morris

Our district in front of the Provo temple

MTC sign

Where we are all from!
(L to R) Elder Wait - Alaska
Elder Heinzen - Hawaii
Elder Roley - Washington
Elder Gilmore - Wyoming
Sister Morris - California
Elder Dovcette - Canada
Me! - Georgia
Elder Monahan - Pennsylvania

Air borne!

So we tried to replicate the Beatles' Abbey Road Album cover,
but we were too spread out

The Amazing District Pyramid

The Sisters!

Sister Morris - Calif.
Me - Georgia
Sister Page - N. Carolina
Sis. Mangum - Utah/Nevada
Sister Stafford - Virginia
Sis. Mix - Oregon
All going to the Utah Provo Mission except Sis. Mangum,
who is going to Riverside, Calif.

The District with our teacher, Bro. Farmer
He's Great! He served in Orlando.

Fun Times with Bro. Farmer

Our District with our teacher Bro. Stewart
He's amazing! He served in Jamaica Kingston

Our district experiencing "evolution"
(for which we got chastised . . . )


  1. Because someone has to be the first

  2. It was nice she Sister Harwood yesterday (3-07-09). wwe visited the St George temple Visitors Center, and was lucky to see her, Aunt Sheyenne Bette