Sunday, January 3, 2010

Elizabeth's Mission Report for 2009: 20+ Baptisms and So Much More . . . So Many Lives Touched

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wanted to let you see what has been done on my mission since leaving in January: 20+ baptisms & so much more . . . so many lives touched!

Scott Abott (left) - 17 years old. One of him would have been worth my whole mission. His confirmation blessing included that he would serve a mission and would be a tool and asset to the Lord. He told me that his Patriarchal Blessing talks about him converting many.

This picture was taken at the Mount Timpanogos Temple on a baptismal trip. Chris (right) told me I had reconverted him, and he is leaving soon for a mission in Kansas.

Michael Wilson (13), Scott's younger brother. I love that kid! A privilege to bring 2 members of a family to the gospel and to see Scott baptize him.

Chloe Larsen (9), baptized July 18, 2009. Amazing girl! I just love her and her family. Her Mom is a Rich!

Meet some added family members: Carlos & Karen Rojas. Married & baptized July 30, 2009, with sons Dennis (lil' guy) & Leon. I love them more than words can say!

Michael Welch (9), baptized Aug. 1, 2009 by his Dad

The Maloy's Sealing (the new member family with whom I lived in Lehi)

Jimmy (10) and Cole (8). He got baptized the last Saturday I had in Traverse Mountain, Sept. 5, 2009. Love these boys -- Jimmy is such a good kid!

Sita La Prey from Nepal. Baptized after I left Traverse Mountain area. While English was her second language, she felt the gospel in her! (and her food was amazing!)

My "Mom" (Trainer) Sister Lim (Canada) and "Step-Mom" (Follow-Up Trainer) Sister Mathieu (France)

Hayden Shaw (10) -- baptized after I left. Crazy kid -- love him!

My Hermanitas. Noemi (Sister Morales), the one next to me, is from my singles ward in Atlanta.

Jasmine (12) and Christian (9 or 10). Baptized after I left Bloomington -- got to go on exchanges there and dropped by to see them. Love that family -- they had us over for Easter.

The Farmer Family, baptized Sept. 26, 2009: Stephanie (Mom), Michael, Cody. Amazing family!

Mykenna Dutton, baptized Sept. 26, 2009. Miracle: We were late from the Farmer's baptism and heard a splash! No!!! But, she had to be baptized twice, so we got to see it.

Ashley Glanzman, baptized Oct. 1, 2009. One very prepared girl! Single Mom -- incredible parent.

Rhiannon Rheusch (11), baptized Oct. 10, 2010. Confirmation blessing said if she followed Church leaders, she would serve a mission(!) and get married in the temple.

Kenau Price -- one very funny kid. Baptized Nov. 7, 2009

The Amazing Couples with Whom I Serve at the St. George Temple Visitors Center & Historical Sites

Miles James (17), baptized Dec. 12, 2009. One of the best people I know!

Now, these aren't even the surface of all the people I've met who have touched me. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Love, Elizabeth Harwood