Sunday, January 3, 2010

Elizabeth's Mission Report for 2009: 20+ Baptisms and So Much More . . . So Many Lives Touched

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wanted to let you see what has been done on my mission since leaving in January: 20+ baptisms & so much more . . . so many lives touched!

Scott Abott (left) - 17 years old. One of him would have been worth my whole mission. His confirmation blessing included that he would serve a mission and would be a tool and asset to the Lord. He told me that his Patriarchal Blessing talks about him converting many.

This picture was taken at the Mount Timpanogos Temple on a baptismal trip. Chris (right) told me I had reconverted him, and he is leaving soon for a mission in Kansas.

Michael Wilson (13), Scott's younger brother. I love that kid! A privilege to bring 2 members of a family to the gospel and to see Scott baptize him.

Chloe Larsen (9), baptized July 18, 2009. Amazing girl! I just love her and her family. Her Mom is a Rich!

Meet some added family members: Carlos & Karen Rojas. Married & baptized July 30, 2009, with sons Dennis (lil' guy) & Leon. I love them more than words can say!

Michael Welch (9), baptized Aug. 1, 2009 by his Dad

The Maloy's Sealing (the new member family with whom I lived in Lehi)

Jimmy (10) and Cole (8). He got baptized the last Saturday I had in Traverse Mountain, Sept. 5, 2009. Love these boys -- Jimmy is such a good kid!

Sita La Prey from Nepal. Baptized after I left Traverse Mountain area. While English was her second language, she felt the gospel in her! (and her food was amazing!)

My "Mom" (Trainer) Sister Lim (Canada) and "Step-Mom" (Follow-Up Trainer) Sister Mathieu (France)

Hayden Shaw (10) -- baptized after I left. Crazy kid -- love him!

My Hermanitas. Noemi (Sister Morales), the one next to me, is from my singles ward in Atlanta.

Jasmine (12) and Christian (9 or 10). Baptized after I left Bloomington -- got to go on exchanges there and dropped by to see them. Love that family -- they had us over for Easter.

The Farmer Family, baptized Sept. 26, 2009: Stephanie (Mom), Michael, Cody. Amazing family!

Mykenna Dutton, baptized Sept. 26, 2009. Miracle: We were late from the Farmer's baptism and heard a splash! No!!! But, she had to be baptized twice, so we got to see it.

Ashley Glanzman, baptized Oct. 1, 2009. One very prepared girl! Single Mom -- incredible parent.

Rhiannon Rheusch (11), baptized Oct. 10, 2010. Confirmation blessing said if she followed Church leaders, she would serve a mission(!) and get married in the temple.

Kenau Price -- one very funny kid. Baptized Nov. 7, 2009

The Amazing Couples with Whom I Serve at the St. George Temple Visitors Center & Historical Sites

Miles James (17), baptized Dec. 12, 2009. One of the best people I know!

Now, these aren't even the surface of all the people I've met who have touched me. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Love, Elizabeth Harwood


  1. Hi Sister Harwood!

    It's Ashlee from EFY. It's truly amazing how many people you've helped to come to Christ. You've obviously been working very hard! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and are staying warm out their in snowy Utah.


  2. Elizabeth-
    My aunt and uncle are in your picture of the senior couples. They are the Sanders. Brother and Sister I presume. You may sorta remember the Bennett's from your home ward. You are doing wonderful. We miss you and Merry Christmas!

    Sister Shawnna Bennett
    Brother David Bennett
    Mason and Savannah Bennett

  3. Wow!! You sound like you're doing so well and blessing so many lives. And dang you look great! I miss you! I'm passing thru St. George sometime soon. I hope to see you!

  4. I miss you!!! I just came across this blog an found my made me soooo happy! Thank you for everything! Love, ashley glanzman